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The history of Sappers dates to back to the 16th century, but the Sapper Association was recently founded, formed and organized by Major Retired Ernest M. Urquieta, along with a strong supporting casts of former Sapper Instructors and pioneers. CSM (R) Ioakimo Falaniko, CSM (R) Toth, CSM (R) Glen, 1SG (R) Ted Hinojosa and 1SG (R) Daniel Ochoa in May 2018! The idea of the Association was initially formed in 2008, however not until 2018 did leadership align with great support for the concept! Although the term Sapper can be found within the Engineer Museum, the premiere Engineer Small Unit Leader Course has been left in obscurity and at times on the chopping block based on Army fiscal constraints.  Many great Sappers have fought and died alongside our maneuver brethren, we owe it to them to capture and secure our history, while preserving our Legacy!

We are Sappers past and present looking to preserve our Legacy, by supporting current Sapper Instructors and their mission. We aim to grow and develop one year at a time in order to assist in the funding of the LTG (R) Robert B. Flowers Best Sapper Competition, award first thru tenth place competitors, recognize and award the Soldier / NCO of the Year of 1st Engineer Brigade, FLW, MO, establish, fund, and present two Essayons Memorial Scholarship Funds, fund and develop the Cubs of Sappers Outreach Program, and finally, ensure we reward current Sapper Instructors who selflessly train our nations most versatile and dynamic engineers!

The Association in April of 2018 held its first Annual Rendezvous in Crocker Missouri. The event was attended by a little over 100 current, former Instructors, Commanders and Chiefs!  During the Sapper Muster the organizational structure was discussed and set, board members voted into office, bylaws and constitution finalized.  The Association was officially established May 31, 2018.

In 2018 The Best Sapper Competition was officially named in honor of LTG (R) Robert B. Flowers. Retired LTG Flowers was the backbone and push to have the Sapper Leader Course officially recognized by the Department of The Army as an accredited course, where the coveted Sapper Tab is awarded. Through tireless work, initiative, overcoming obstacles and perseverance from former Sapper Instructors, these Soldiers For Life stepped up and served on the first Sapper Association Board; Founder MAJ (R) Ernest M. Urquieta, CSM (R) Falaniko, CSM (R) Toth, CSM (R) Glen, SGM (R) Canter, CSM (R) Scott,1SG (R) Ochoa, 1SG (R) Hinojosa, SFC (R) Rostad and SFC (R) Timothy Jacobs! This page will continue to grow, we welcome photos and memos depicting your time at the course as a student, instructor, chief, commander, or support staff. Please send to for archiving and recording.

Keeping our history sound and protected! Always Making a Difference!



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