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The Sapper Association General Fund will be used to improve awards and resources in the execution of the LTG (R) Robert B. Flowers Best Sapper Competition. The Sapper Association and it's members will provide awards for the top ten finishers to be used at the conclusion of the Best Sapper Competition and during BSC Awards Ceremony. The General Fund will provide financial assistance in the form of donations to better reward the Top 10 teams finishing the competition. Secondly, provide annual awards to the Soldier and NCO of the Year from 1st Engineer Brigade, FLW, MO. Finally, provide support to the Sapper Leader Course cadre in their efforts to upgrade and maintain training facilities located in austere areas of Fort Leonard Wood. The Sapper Association will work with Fort  Leonard Wood, 1st Engineer Brigade, 169th Engineer Battalion and the Sapper Leader Course to ensure transparency, ethical, environmental and legal guidelines are followed and adhered to.



Provide donations in support of the Sapper Leader Course Instructors and Competitors of the Best Sapper Competition, held annually at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; provide awards to Soldier and NCO of the Year from 1st Engineer Brigade; serve as supporting effort to the Sapper Cadre in order to improve and sustain training areas in austere locations; in addition support and provide resources for annual Sapper Association Rendezvous' held annually in conjunction with the Best Sapper Competition. 



The SA General Fund is supported by voluntary donations from Sapper Association members, private, and public entities.



If you would like donate to the Sapper Association General Fund, please fill out the form (Please specify “Sapper Association General Fund” in the Donations Instructions).


You can also mail a check to the address below.

Send donations to:

233 Illinois Ave, Suite 1, #793

Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473

Please do not send cash!

Money Orders / Checks

Payable to The Sapper Association


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