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​Preserve the Legacy of Past, Present and Future Sapper Instructors, Graduates, LTG Robert B. Flowers Best Sapper Competition and U.S. Army Sappers!


Establish a Sapper community network to assist with transitioning from active duty.


Seek partnerships and donors to improve awards for graduates, competitors, instructors and families.


Provide two Essayons Memorial Scholarships on behalf of LTG Robert B. Flowers and the Falaniko Family.


Establish the Cubs of Sappers Outreach Initiative to assist children of Sappers and Combat Engineers wounded or killed in action.


Facilitate the success of the LTG Robert B. Flowers Best Sapper Competition with exemplary support from past, present members, donors and partners of the Sapper Association.


Most importantly Honor our Fallen Sappers and their families for their sacrifice and selfless service in defense of our Nation!



• Preserve the spirit, heritage and legacy of Sappers by strengthening relationships among Sappers, past, present, and future.


• Foster camaraderie among those who have earned the title of Sapper; provide an extended community for all Sappers and their families and commemorate the memory of Sappers who have given their lives in defense of our great Nation.

• Encourage and assist in the preservation, protection, and recording of  history, documents, artifacts, memorabilia, personal recollections and accounts, characterizations of past Sappers, research, incidents, and origins of the American Military Sapper.

• To encourage high standards of excellence in leadership training, overall esprit de corps, professional competence and discipline of Sappers, past, present and future.

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